Dark Star

David Frum  rages at the President’s inattention to the national threat from Russia, as he he notes, “It’s worth thinking about what a patriotic president would have done.”
The President’s behavior is indeed striking for its very peculiarity. It is like some astronomical anomaly: we see the gravitational bent, but do not know what object it is that causes this bend. What dark matter is this?

Memories of the Ford Administration

Is the President as bad as some say? David Brooks suggests that all depends…. While the administration collapses or perhaps reverts to a plutocratic mean, how does one resist, or think about the day after, the n+11? Much depends on whether one sees this administration as something altogether new, an Americanized version of hard right kleptocrats everywhere, or as an echo of another era. Is this the regime of Jackson or of the Gilded Age?

Brooks opts for the latter. What is needed is the restoration of sound government, of good government, of the Mugwumps (though he doesn’t use that word). In short, a government that Jerry Ford could love.

How Should One Resist the Trump Administration?


Base Appeal

Jason Ellis writes:

Ostensibly about Santorum, but a lot of good stuff, data etc. about the white working class voters…

Despite partisan stances  — I think differently than Olsen on some of the specifics —  Jason is right, this is a very good article. The element not really dealt with in the article is the generational difference between older and younger working class.  Recent studies suggest that the church is losing its connection especially with this latter group.

This looking back to the Reagan Democrat (three, not two decades away) also lies at the heart of the now notorious Hoekstra senate ad and its asian-bashing.

On the Murray book, David Frum (these days a moderate conservative) gives a very sharp review at Daily Beast.