Be Careful What You Wish For

This is an all-too common refrain. One current example, according to Bradley Marianno at the74 is the Los Angeles teacher strike. Anti-union advocates had thought they had put the nail in the public sector strike with the Janus v. AFSCME ruling. In the dynamics of the modern teacher, however, this has only made the reality of unions and a common cause all the more pertinent.

He sums up his take:

United Teachers Los Angeles President Alex Caputo-Pearl has, on multiple occasions, drawn connections to the spring walkouts and Janus, and he has made the pitch that the union is the best shot for gaining increased school funding and greater respect for education and for teachers. With momentum already building from job actions in Washington and Chicago, the court case may have served as more of a wake-up call than a death knell.

If the L.A. strike leads to real improvements for its members, it will once again showcase the value of unions and ensure their survival and relevance in a post-Janus world — and the baton will pass to the next group of dissatisfied educators and teachers unions eager to prove their worth.

Bradley Marianno, “Analysis: From the High Court to the Picket Line — How the Janus Case Emboldened Teachers Unions & Made Strikes Key to Their Survival,” The74. January 16, 2019


How important is the CHIP funding? This is one of those programs with serious long-term impact as T74 explains

Years of research have shown that access to medical care, especially in the early years, improves life outcomes for low-income children in realms far beyond personal health. A 2014 paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that a 10 percentage point increase in Medicaid eligibility between birth and age 17 cuts the likelihood of not completing high school by as much of 6 percent and boosts the four-year college completion rate by 2.3–3 percent.

As CHIP Funding Nears Expiration, Study Warns that Half of All Kids Under 4 Depend on Publicly Provided Health Care (January 7, 2018)