Find that Voice

[another post in a continuing conversation.]

I do see the sparks in the Thomas campaign. Idealism and risk-taking make up a large part of politics; this is not for the play-it-safe crowd. there is a matter of scale here, however, that needs consideration. On races such as a congressional run, the candidate cannot execute the campaign by himself and the network of immediate friends. Instead you end up asking others to devote their time and ideals on your behalf.

So for me, the big question is less about age than whether the campaign is up for the task. Idealism? Got it. How about the ability to execute? In a word, is he a fighter?

To judge by his video and his radio interview, he’s a little too nice. I get the Jerry Ford reference in the video, but that’s not really serious. For those of us who have knocked on the doors and taken our licks — well I for one, would like to hear more about his progressive values. The campaign has yet to find its voice, and it needs to. Fast.