Worn Out

Here’s a touchy subject. How many of you feel encouraged or discouraged, hopeful or despairing, about the health and vitality of the CRCNA?

Part of this strikes me as a sort of spiritual warfare. If we’re spiritually serious, conflict is wearing — we know the cost not only for us but for the other side. This weight sinks in, makes it hard to move sometimes. Sure we can stir ourselves to combat on our side, but no, that’s not what we want.

Do I ache for the CRC? Sometimes. Most of the time my yearning is a little more basic: help me to push back against the other dreary parts of my life. Tell me about hope. Help me to persevere. Reassure me. If you’re helping your people do that, live that life of faith — eh, the CRC will take care of itself. That part of our life is in the hands of God.