So Why the Girl?

Richard App posted this on his Facebook page,


stencils special -> 6/15
Artist: Eddie
Foto sent by Steff Klärchen

Call me confused, but this girl is distracting. It’s  the department of literalism, the stuff of cheap politics and bad aesthetics.

The first rule for any display is to go for economy. So what is it?  You have the sign AND you have the painter. If I believe the message, do I need the painter in the picture at all? I would think that there may be two reasons for the girl. First, putting nominal creator and sign next to each other provides a sort of distancing, it is an ironic effect. Our attention, our motivation from the message is mediated by the question of who she is — our real graffiti artist? Or is the artists say, a man? After all, there seems to be a certain objectification of women going on here, too. Does being a cute blond of young 20s make your message better? (Well it does, if you’re in advertising) Would it be different if she were fat? a different color? a different gender? a different age?

So as an upshot, we are asked to gaze, not ask for permission. Asking for permission is only a means to another, rather trivial end.


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