Political Beguilement

One day, it would be interesting to tally up all the morally indefensible political attacks Rove has been party to in his life and to speculate about what circle of hell he and his hack Democratic analogs would occupy if Dante were writing today. These people are treated in television appearances as if they’re upstanding community members, but it really is true that much of their professional lives have been spent deliberately manipulating people for financial gain.

Conor Friedersdorf, “Obama Is Against Blowing a Bunch of Cash in Vegas, So the GOP Is for It” The Atlatic Online. 14 September 2012.

In our speech class we have been reading Joe Stowell’s wise, little devotional The Weight of Your Words. In chapter two he deals with characteristic sins of speech (and by extension of public “speaking”). There’s a word that Friedersdorf is reaching for, it’s beguilement.


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