The Real Digital Gap

Emily Loney picks up on an important article from The New York Times

“Instead of closing the achievement gap, they’re widening the time-wasting gap.” Comments?
New ‘Digital Divide’ Seen in Wasting Time Online As access to devices has spread, children in poorer families are spending considerably more time using them for purposes other than for education.
I think this might be thought of under the same heading as the question of obesity and poverty. We eat, we possess, we play as a means to gain something, often a sense of self-worth, or of participation. The seduction of games or FB is  that I belong, that participating, playing with this I am part of some larger narrative.  And the insidious thing about the food the fuels obesity or of the digital content, is that both are alike self-validating, self-fulfilling. So it takes work to break free.

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