Making them pay

Melissa Anders recounts the passage of bills to end the personal property tax on businesses in Michigan. Protests Sen John Pappageorge (R-Troy), it’s not as bad as you think.

“I’m not sure everybody heard what we did hear today … Let me just recap here for a minute: 100 percent reimbursement for any voter approved special millage, it goes direct to the community, that takes care of the fire and police,” he said. “Anything over 2 percent of the general fund is reimbursed, there’s 100 percent reimbursement of school bonded debt,

Sen. Pappageorge is certainly optimistic. The Analysis  from the Senate Fiscal Agency suggests that most units of government would see no reimbursement. Then there is what might best be described as a good -intention program for setting up the reimbursement fund. But after the raid on school finances this past session, can any one reasonably think they will follow through?

And if they don’t follow through, the result is dire: a $600 million hit, and in the Senate analysis, an $80million smack to the School Aid fund. Well this certainly puts Michigan on the right path: less money for roads, less money for schools, but more money for owners who can flee the state.


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