Representing, then and now

Anthony R. Travis points to positions taken by Steve Pestka, in the May 1 Battle Creek Enquirer, and of course, in 2001.

(Steve) claims that he learned over the last 10 years. He is also representing a more diverse constituency. When he was in the state legislature he largely represented West Side Catholics. I am inclined to take him at his word as the 3rd has been redistricted to become marginally more Democratic and with Pestka vs. the libertarian we have a good chance of winning.

Much depends on who else was around 10+ years ago; there are plenty of women who told Steve he was making a mistake then. The notion of mistake is harder for a college student to make (see Anna Bennett in HuffPo) or even a Trevor R. Thomas, since they were young then and at least in Trevor’s case came out of the very culture that Steve was actually representing.

Time also has changed things — it’s not just redistricting. Even as the GOP has shifted radically rightwards, the general conversation on gays and women’s health has moved away from the older conservative stances. In that sense , Steve’s responses also reflect a general development within Democratic centrists in this last decade.


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