Guns and Civilization

The news that Sen. Meekhof was out to reform Michigan’s already liberal gun laws brought out the usual thoughts.

Ralph March 22, 2012 at 12:17PM
 I’m just glad and proud to live in a State that recognizes the Second Amendment. Both Open Carry and Concealed Carry are legal in this great state !! As for me…I will continue to carry everyday whether the “sheep” like it or not.

Just an idea, but the proof of a civil society is actually one where violence is constrained and people can live peaceably. Carrying a weapon of lethal force also carries the implicit threat of coercion. Any friend of self-government should be at least cautious about naive and sentimental embrace of firearms.

The underlying point, not developed on MLive, is that self-government depends on an equality of citizens. The intrusion of coercive tools (guns) into public sanctuaries like schools, voting booths, and especially houses of worship, is an assertion of voice by one segment of the population. Because it is both voice and lethality, the necessary outcome is one of coercion. Although they certainly do not intend it, the Second Amendment fan club is laying the foundation for the role of tyranny.


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