Down With Tyranny was in full progressive mode the other day, pushing the Trevor Thomas campaign and smacking down Steve Pestka

Trevor is the fighting progressive we need. He comes from a working class family and he has a record of helping to pass major federal legislation, namely the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. . . . Let’s help spread the word and work to stop this faux-Democratic challenge and stand by our party’s platform to help protect women now.

But I have my doubts.

Curiosity gets the better of me: in what way is Trevor fighting, or has fought for West Michigan? By all lights his campaign is pretty green, offering little to date in the way of political engagement with Amash (n.b. his web site offers values not issues). He has clearly put together a nice team, but do they look like, do they connect with the actual district? Let’s just say that for a campaign based on “for us all,” minority representation lags. This is the natural product of young or first-time campaigns. Amash’s first run in 2008 looked a lot like this, too.

But this is not a post-graduate seminar, or the chance to demonstrate one’s progressive creds. Take a look again at the task at hand: two metropolitan regions, a democratic base that is racially diverse, strength in cities and support in suburbs. This will be both a media intensive campaign (including all matter of social media) as well as require a robust, motivated, well-organized ground game. You can not do it with your own cohort. And by all lights, such a campaign will have a final budget well into seven figures.

In short, as any one on the ground knows that this campaign is going to take work.

So again the question, in what way is Trevor actually fighting, actually engaging, actually demonstrating that he has the smarts to win


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