Shopping Spree

Michigan’s Treasury is facing a a half billion dollar surplus, driven by the growing economy. This after years of financial strain. So what should be done? That was the Governor’s question.
Today’s budget recommendation is designed to deliver real results for real people. Where do you think Michigan should focus?
This is a one-time windfall from the older tax code — the new one will not be as generous to the state. So invest it in things that last, not in operations. As much as I really  to see the schools helped — they took a big hit in the last budget — it is wiser fiscally to put the money into infrastructure. This remains a significant need, not only with aging roads and bridges but with multi-billion dollar worth of needed repairs to our waste water systems.   Addressing infrastructure would  have the double benefit of driving job growth and of setting up Michigan industry for better (or at least smoother) connections.

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