Our Commercial Gaze

Stephen Hale at thinkChristian has some thoughts on the Super Bowl.

Commercials reflect our common desires. We can look to them and see ourselves, maybe even parts of ourselves we don’t like or parts we previously didn’t recognize. What do this year’s Super Bowl commercials say about us?
We like naked women and underwear models. GoDaddy.com continued its tradition of advertising with overt promises of nudity on their website, and Adriana Lima, the famous Victoria’s Secret model, appeared in commercials from two different companies. Numerous other advertisements used somewhat more subtle forms of the same idea: we like being titillated.

This might be an age/gender issue. Young guys like babes. When I look at the ads that stood out to the professionals, it is not so clear that the Super Bowl was rocking on the testosterone, some of that may be the result of the evolution of the event itself into more of a national pastime rather than the property of young guys. Perhaps another element would be the continued role of the current economic depression — in that light the Chrysler ad is clearly the stand out. Again. (Weiden + Kennedy are the same folks who delivered for Nike).

Titillation may be one function of advertising, but in a multi-channel world, going to the Super Bowl for your share of flesh, is sort of like going to the Sears catalog to see lingerie. Guys have better choices. That choice element, does play into the pornification factor, seen in the video capture, above.


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