Biblical Justice

If the conservatives are all in favor of justice, then how do you walk away from where Sojourners goes?  Or more to the point, how do you know that a given Sojourners position is even wrong? Now a partisan has no problem with this, since that partisan stance guides the decision making (and the Bible provides the frosting). Left and Right.

If we are going to be biblical in our thinking, we can’t be ruling out one side or the other. At the same time we need to acknowledge that we are always bringing in something of our selves. Thus moving to a biblical view of justice asks three things: an ethical stance on our side, an appreciation for the ethical stance of the other, and Scripture that keeps challenging both sides. This allows us to pick up thorny issues, differ and not dissolve into civil war. When one side or the other so appropriates Scripture that it deprives it from the other side, then the cause of justice is lost, we will only see it as a reflection of ourselves.

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