Peter, Peter . . .

Peter Hoekstra came out with a doozy of an ad at Super Bowl, one that has unfortunately for him gone viral.

Meanwhile at MLive Commentator Bottomtime1 can’t see the problem

 Forget the ad, the Bottom line is Stabenow has to go, just like Obama has to go. Liberalism, Socialism aren’t working. It’s time for someone new, a Conservative to come in and clean up the Mess made by Liberals all over this Country.

An ad like this betrays a fundamental lack of smarts: if it’s satire, it’s mighty weak stuff. If it is about the Chinese (or East Asian) trade imbalance, it’s off target. We don’t have the trade imbalance because we spend too much on rice. bluntly, had she been on an assembly line, or inside a factory it would have had more edge. As has been pointed out by others, the reason for the trade deficit in part lies from our preference to pay for the war with debt. The fiscal policies that then-Representative Hoekstra passed are the ones that helped drive the very imbalance he apparently decries.

(And there is the odd, Viet Nam vibe to the whole this something of a dog whistle to the old guard right.)

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